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Platinum Chou Kuro 60mL Fountain Pen Ink

Platinum Chou Kuro Fountain Pen ink bottle is the blackest black in Platinum's history of over 100 years. 

In recent years fountain pen inks have seen a surge of interest. Thus, there has been an increase in ink color variety. After considering customers' requests for a blacker ink, Platinum Pen rose to the challenge and crafted the best black ink in its 104-year history. This ink has been proven numerically to provide a deep, intense black color with clear visibility. This allows you to capture memories and records on paper that won't fade or bleed through. This makes it the perfect choice for any letter, journal, or document you wish to keep for a lifetime. Get ready to experience true black like never before!

 It allows writing sharp and pitch-black lines with little bleeding

  • Blackest Black
  • 60mL
  • Pigmented carbon ink
  • 56mm × 56mm × 63mm,
  • average weight 178g
  • Water based