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Platinum Mixable Ink "mini" 20ml

Smoke Black
Flame Red
Cyclamen Pink
Silky Purple
Sunny Yellow
Leaf Green
Aurora Blue
Aqua Blue
Earth Brown

Platinum Mixable Ink "mini" 20ml in a diamond shaped bottle design.

The only ink series that lets you create your favourite colour by mixing different ink colours. Includes 9 colors that can combine to make beautiful hues, subtle shades and dark rich tones. Platinum Mixable Ink uses the power of chemistry and the potency of pure and balanced ph aniline dyes. Use a converter with the fountain pen and be sure to use Platinum Ink Cleaner set to wash nib. Avoid direct sunlight and keep out of reach from children. 

Provided in a diamond-shaped bottle design. The sharp edge of the bottle lets you see the shades of colors, enabling you to easily imagine the ink color when written. Enjoy the exquisite expression of the bottle that changes depending on the light shining through. An empty ink bottle is also available (purchased separately) so that you can keep the ink which you have made.