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Platinum Procyon Luster Fountain Pen

Satin Silver
Black Mist
Rose Gold

Platinum Procyon Luster named after the brightest star in the constellation of Canis Minor, one of the 21 first magnitude stars, PROCYON has em-ployed an all-new body form and color variations under the concept of a fountain pen that brightens up people’s business scenes and lifestyles.

The Platinum Procyon Luster Fountain Pen employs Platinums famous “Slip-and-Seal” mechanism which keeps the ink from drying out in the pen for up to a year.

Platinum Procyon Luster Fountain Pen Specifications:

  • Full length :5.5 inches
  • Average weight 23.3g
  • Barrel, Cap(Satin Finish And Anodized Aluminum)
  • Crown : Chrome Plating On Aluminum
  • Grip: AS Resin
  • Grip Ring, Cap Ring, Body Screw: Chrome Plating On Brass
  • Clip: Chrome Plating On Iron
  • Mechanism: Converter/Cartridge (both included)
  • Pen Nib: Stainless Steel
  • Provided in a Gift Box