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Rosa Studio Gouache Paint Art Set Standard

Watercolor and gouache are similarly made. The difference lies in their consistency. Gouache is much more opaque whereas watercolour is much more transparent. Both types of paint are actually made from the same ingredients.

Rosa Studio Gouache Paint Art Set Standard:
• A set of studio gouache colours, 12coloursx20ml:  the optimal number of primary colors to create more than one finished work. 
• 10 Sheets of watercolour paper of the A3 Size , optimal density, and texture are perfect for learning and working in all gouache painting techniques. 
2 Synthetic paint brushes Rosa Studio, versatile for different painting techniques. A round brush on a short handle, and the flat one, will help you to create strokes of different shapes and sizes. 
Round, plastic palette, has wells of different shapes, which adds convenience to work. The dense white plastic is easy to clean and guarantees long-term usage.
• Thick cardboard packaging boxes can be used later for storing materials.

The set contains all the necessary basic supplies in these techniques, which makes it possible to use them right away.
Just choose the technique you like!

Made in Ukraine.