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Sailor - Kuretake MEIJI NO IRO Ink

Kuretake ZIG is honoring their 120th anniversary by going back to the Meiji Era of Japan with MEIJI NO IRO Inks! 

These brilliant colours can be used in Kuretake Karappo pens, dip pens, fountain pens and more! Water-based dye ink.

To celebrate their 120th anniversary, Kuretake is looking back 120 years to the Meiji Era. The Meiji Era marked a period of modernization for Japan, which emerged as a great power during the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries.
The MEIJI NO IRO ink collection was designed to reflect colours that were popularized in this era.
EBICHA is a soft brown like that of traditional Japanese pants (Hakama) worn by women.
ARAISHU is a deep vermillion colour used to paint the gates to shrines.
SHIMBASHI-IRO is a bright blue that was popular in Geisha fashion, while KUROGANEIRO is a darker blue-green that was used for store clerk aprons.
KUJAKURYOKU was introduced during the Meiji era and is a beautiful peacock blue.
And finally, SHIKON is a lovely purple that was so trendy in women’s clothing that the Meiji era is also known as “The Purple Era.” This colour remains popular to this day.