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Sailor Shikiori Japanese Fairy Tales Collection Bottled ink 20ml

Forbidden Treasure Chest
Princess Headdress
Crane Quill

The Fairytale Collection by Sailor was inspired by well-known Japanese Fairytales and resulted in four beloved Sailor pens: Dragon Palace, Vega, Princess Kaguya, and Grateful Crane. To accompany these fairytale inspired pens by Sailor, there are now four new Japanese fairytale inks that have joined the Shikiori line!

Forbidden Treasure Chest” is an enchanting deep blue hue, inspired by enigmatic gifts from an undersea dragon palace.

Imaginations soar on the wings of “Magpie,” a delicate blue-green that glints like the fabled feathers of the magpies of the milky way.

Princess’ Headdress” is a near black green color of the mid-autumn moonshine reflecting on the royal tresses of a princess.

Crane Quill” is a deep purple like the shadowy dance of cranes taking flight over a snowy landscape.

These water-based dye inks are designed to help creatives weave enchantment with ink right onto the page in front of them. 

Shikiori Japanese Fairy Tales inks add a touch of magic to every pen and brush stroke.