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TWSBI ECO Indigo Blue w/Bronze Trim Fountain Pen


The TWSBI ECO Indigo Blue Fountain Pen offers a modern and stylish design that will impress anyone who sees it. The pen features a crystal-clear acrylic barrel, allowing you to monitor your ink level and see how much is left. The indigo-blue end cap adds a pop of colour to the overall look of the pen.

The TWSBI ECO also features an inner cap, which creates a snug seal when stored, preventing any unwanted leaks. This feature is convenient if you carry your pen in your pocket or bag. The bronze trim adds a touch of sophistication to the overall look of the pen.

The TWSBI ECO fountain pen comes with a stainless steel nib that provides smooth and consistent ink flow. It also includes an extra-fine nib option for those who prefer a finer line. In addition, the pen comes enclosed with a tool and silicon grease in case the piston needs to be re-lubricated.

With its sleek design and high-quality construction, the TWSBI ECO Indigo Blue Fountain Pen will surely become your new favourite writing instrument.