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Van Dieman's Feline - Kitten Paws 30ml Fountain Pen Ink


Van Dieman's Feline presents its coveted "Kitten Paws" ink, a soft and playful addition to the collection. With its low saturation and unique coloring process, this ink will bring a touch of whimsy to your writing. At first, it appears a brown-green shade, like river grass or a kitten's fur. As it dries however, it gradually turns pinker, eventually giving a pinky-beige hue that captures the pads of a kitten's paw. As it dries, you'll also notice blue-green rivulets enhancing the color, adding a dynamic touch to the overall hue. To make the most of it, we suggest using a fine-medium nib with a moderate to dry flow. Its gradual drying process allows the ink to showcase its beautiful transformation.


30ml Fountain Pen Ink Bottle.