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Van Dieman's Feline - Tomcat 30ml Fountain Pen Ink

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 Van Dieman's Feline - Tomcat 30ml Fountain Pen Ink (Shimmering) - Introducing "Tomcat," a daring ink from the Van Dieman's Feline collection.

With a deep, dark forest green hue that's almost black, reminiscent of a tomcat's glossy coat, this high saturation ink stands out and adds a touch of drama to any journal entry, sketch, or note. As it dries, a striking red sheen emerges, symbolizing the thrill of the hunt.

Tomcat performs best with a broader nib size, allowing its unique characteristics to be fully appreciated. Whether you're writing or sketching, Tomcat is sure to make an impression.

Tomcat; Van Dieman’s toughest 30ml ink on the block.