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Visconti Divina Proporzione AG925 Silver Ballpoint Pen


The Visconti Divina Proporzione is a briskly designed Ball pen that gives you an advantage to meet your writing needs. The sleek pen features a black lucite and silver material which provides a comfortable grip and stable writing feel. With the celluloid body material the pen creates a an aura of dignity for the users.

This stylish writing instrument features a 3.2 mm ball size that helps you to produce bold and neat handwriting. The nib in this Vesconti Divina Proporzione pen delivers smooth and flawless writing without any interruption. With the Visconti Divina Proporzine pen you can also have extended periods of writing.

The silver lines on the designed pen give a stylish as well as royal look to the instrument. The curvy clip in this pen has the Visconti logo on it which adds to the beauty of the pen. The Hook Safe Lock System locks the Proporzine pen carefully and protects the nib for longer. You can also clip this gel pen easily onto your pocket while travelling. This prevents the tip from breaking thereby adding a fashionable touch to your profile.