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Visconti HomoSapiens Demo Stones Fountain Pens

Purple (Amethyst)

Visconti HomoSapiens Demo Stones  Fountain pens

Seductive transparencies and harmonious proportions meet the iconic design of the Homo Sapiens collection. Our continuous research has led us to ask: can matter be ethereal? The answer is in the new Homo Sapiens Demo Stones. Its true power is born out of its natural encounter with light, which gives life to its transparency, density, splendour and fluidity.

The semi-transparent colours reveal the soul of this exceptional writing instrument: the Power Filler Double Reservoir filling system, patented by Visconti in 1998.


  • Pen body: Oversize
  • Filling: Power Filler Double Reservoir
  • Material: Acrylic resin
  • Nib: Au 14kt (big)
  • Nib colour: Palladium
  • Nib Tip: EF / F / M / B / S
  • Closure type: Hook safe lock
  • Metal fittings: Palladium / Silver