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Watercolour pencil Albrecht Dürer Wood Case of 72


Albrecht Dürer artists' watercolour pencils provide artists with great versatility of expression when drawing, shading and painting in watercolours. High-quality materials, combined with over 250 years of experience, have resulted in watercolour pencils that produce unsurpassed watercolour effects and vibrancy. The coloured surface can be transformed with only a few fine or broad brush strokes to reveal the full and unique power of the colours. Depending on the paper being used, the pigments can be completely dissolved, and will then behave in the same way as classic watercolour paints.

Product Details

  • Albrecht Dürer watercolour pencils of the highest quality
  • Pigments dissolve completely when brushed with water
  • High quality pigments of unsurpassed light-fastness and brilliance, smooth colour stroke
  • Superb quality wenge wood stained gift case, varnished inside and out
  • Makes an ideal gift for established and up-and-coming artists and students
  • 72 colours and accessories in wooden case
  • Eco Pencil
  • Water-based Eco Varnish