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Wearingeul The Great Sage Heaven's Equal 30ml Fountain Pen Ink (NEW)

Wearingeul takes inspiration from different writers and works of literature through history and create vivid, high quality inks. Their aim is to enjoy and appreciate the essence of literature in our lives and to encourage a more emotional lifestyle where everything has meaning.

The World Myths and Legends collection features inks inspired by different myths and legends throughout history from all over the globe.

 The ink is inspired by the Hwangryongpo and golden headband worn by The Great Sage Heaven's Equal. In areas where the ink is applied generously, it often forms a rich red border.

This ink comes in a smartly packaged square bottle containing 30ml of glistening ink.

Made in Korea.

Give your pen a shake and a roll! To keep particles at bay and your sparkle consistent, make sure to shake up the ink before filling your pen. Don't forget to clean it regularly when using this ink to keep any clogs outta sight!