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Best affordable fountain pens that are amazing

August 24, 2023 2 min read

Fountain pens. Lamy Safari fountain pen. Kaweco Classic. TWSBI

Fountain pens exist in a broad range of sizes and prices, so cost isn't necessarily a barrier to entry. The Lamy Safari and Lamy Al Star deliver dependable performance yet remain affordable, ranging from CAD$34 to $50. The only distinction between the two is the material of the pen body - the Safari is plastic while the Al Star is made from lightweight aluminum.

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pens or Pilot Vanishing Point. The Metropolitan pen is crafted from metal and provides an optimal weight for users with both large and small hands. Meanwhile, the Vanishing Point is a retractable fountain pen featuring a luxurious 18kt gold nib. Pilot Vanishing fountain pen offers an unparalleled blend of style and practicality.

The Kaweco Classic Sportand the Kaweco Sport Brass Fountain Pen are both excellent compact pens. The Classic Sport may be too small for some, but its portability makes it a popular choice. The Brass model in particular is highly sought after for its superior durability, and develops a unique patina as time passes. Additionally, it's substantial weight allows for ease of writing.

The TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen features a transparent body that showcases the ink inside the barrel, giving it a unique look. A faceted cap adds to the dynamic design of the Eco. You can even take it apart with the included tools and instructions for maintenance and cleaning. Furthermore, this excellent pen is competitively priced.

Platinum Preppy fountain pen and Prefounte fountain pens offer an ideal entry point for new users, boasting an accessible price tag without sacrificing quality. Both models can be used with removable cartridges or Platinum converters, enabling repeated use with ink bottle. Moreover, a wide selection of colourful finishes adds to the appeal of these popular pens.

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