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Fisher Space Pen

Fisher Space Pen is a Writing instrument that functions anywhere! Fisher Space Pens write upside down, underwater, in the freezing cold, boiling heat, on carbonless paper and on latex gloves.

Fisher Space Pens are used all over the planet and beyond

Used by Astronauts, Law Enforcement, Military, Search & Rescue, Coast Guard, EMS, Fire-Fighters, Doctors, Mountain Climbers, Trades, and more, the story of the Fisher Space Pen Company started in 1945.

Founded by Paul Fisher

In 1945 Fisher learned that a company was seeking to produce a ballpoint pen. The issue was that the company had an unreliable pen because the only available refills allowed for too much ink to flow, they leaked, or the ink dried out too soon. In 1948 he founded the Fisher Pen Company and started making pens himself. Inspired by the ball bearings he worked with at an airplane propeller factory during WWII, the Bullet #400 was born, featuring the very first universal refill ink cartridge.

The Fisher bullet pen

By 1950, Paul Fisher had created a new pen refill design and had begun production of his own ballpoint pens, improving the performance of the refill and introducing the world to a new pen design, the now iconic chrome bullet pen design.

The Fisher Space Pen

The Space Pen was developed as a result of Fisher's experiments with new ink formulations and methods of pressurizing a pen. When astronauts started exploring outer space's reaches, Fisher realized that no existing pen could perform in the boiling hot, freezing cold, gravity-less void that is outer space. Fisher designed and patented a pump action AG7 pen that would pressurize a special ink for about 30 seconds of writing out so the pen could write at any angle or zero gravity.  A patent was applied for and then granted, and the AG7 pens were sent to NASA, tested and approved for use.

Unlike ordinary ball pens, which rely on gravity to feed ink, the replaceable refill cartridge of the Space Pen® is pressurized. At nearly 35 pounds per square inch, ink is continuously fed to the tungsten carbide ball, allowing the user to write at any angle, even upside down. 

An iconic pen

The success of the Fisher Space Pen not only revolutionized writing in space but also served as a reminder of how innovation can overcome even the most challenging obstacles. It showcased how a simple yet elegant solution can solve complex problems and have a lasting impact on various domains beyond its original purpose.

As we look to the future of space exploration, the legacy of the Fisher Space Pen serves as an inspiration. It reminds us that the path to progress is often paved with determination, creativity, and the willingness to tackle seemingly impossible challenges.

The Fisher Space Pen is a remarkable testament to human ingenuity and the pursuit of excellence. Its journey from the confines of Earth to the boundless expanse of space is a tale worth celebrating. Whether you're an aspiring astronaut, a collector of fine writing instruments, or someone who appreciates a reliable pen, the Fisher Space Pen continues to capture the imaginations of people around the world, leaving an indelible mark on both the history of space exploration and the art of writing.