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Fountain Pen Ink

Anyone who uses a fountain pen regularly knows how important fountain pen ink is. From bottled ink to ink cartridges, fountain pen users rely on quality inks for a smooth, enjoyable writing experience. Inks are very cost effective as well, as a little goes a long way. A bottle of fountain pen ink can last years depending on the frequency of use. Even fountain pen users who use the same ink for daily writing can get months of use from bottled ink.

Fountain Pens

Fountain pens can elevate your writing experience and make it more enjoyable. Fountain pen companies often will make their own inks, to use with their fountain pens. Some fountain pens can only use ink cartridges made by their company, however, with a converter fountain pens can use other inks, not just fountain pen inks made by their brand. For comfort, fountain pens can have different nibs, such as a fine nib, or a wet nib. Some inks work better with certain nibs. For example, glitter particles in shimmer inks may get stuck in fine nibs.

Fountain Pen Inks

There are many different kinds of fountain pen ink. From Shimmering inks, to dye based inks, to bulletproof inks. Blesket carries a huge range of inks from popular brands such as Pilot Iroshizuku inks, Noodler’s and Ferris Wheel Press. Ink colours come in a large range of shades. Many fountain pen users have a collection of different inks and pens because fountain pens are relatively low maintenance, Eco friendly and it is very easy to refill them.

Bottled Ink

Bottled ink comes in many sizes, from our 3ml samplers to 500ml bottles, there are plenty of inks to shop for. From dark blue ink, to purple ink, to brown ink, an ink bottle can also be used as a decoration as many companies make bottled ink in unique, beautiful shapes, such as Ferris Wheel Press' circular bottled ink.

Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges are a great travel option for fountain pen users. These one use ink cartridges generally come in packs, and are easy to use and dispose of after. Ink cartridges are the equivalent of a ballpoint pen refill for fountain pens, as they are easy to put into your fountain pen, and then start writing, instead of refilling a converter from a bottle.

Wet Ink vs Dry Ink

Wet inks flow more freely than dry inks. All fountain pen inks are liquid, however wet ink will flow faster and easier out of a pen nib, than dry ink. A wet nib will be easier than a dry nib for beginners.

Fountain Pen Friendly

Blesket Canada has fountain pen ink and pens for fountain pen users, either beginner or experienced.