Description Product Details Piston operated filling system Fibreglass Stainless steel, matt brushed finish 14 ct. gold nib, platinum...
Product Details Non-fade plastic, transparent Metal clip Ergonomic grip Steel nib, polished Includes 1 Ink cartridge LAMY T...
Product Details Lacquer finish / steel propeller-shaped clip / with converter LAMY Z 27 Palladium and Piano Black...
Product Details Fountain pen with twist-action mechanism Lacquer finish 14 ct. bicolour gold nib, partially platinum Ink cartridge...
Pocket pen / matt lacquer finish / with compact refill LAMY M 22 M black  
Product Details Multicolours pen Displayed automatic colour selection Fibreglass Fittings: stainless steel, matt brushed finish Uses LAMY M 21...
Product Details High-quality Giant refill LAMY M 16 M black
Product Details Matt brushed finish Lead LAMY M 40 (0.7) / eraser LAMY Z 10 with cleaning needle...
Product Details Stainless steel, matt brushed finish Refill LAMY M 63 M black  
4 in 1 / visual selection / aluminium colour / grip section interchangeable / with refills LAMY M...
Aluminium colour / grip section interchangeable: rubber / with giant refill LAMY M 16 M black
Product Details Aluminium colour Grip section interchangeable: rubber Steel nib, polished Converter LAMY Z 27

Lamy is a brand that was founded in Heidelberg, Germany in 1930. It offers high-quality, beautifully designed writing instruments, with timeless modern aesthetic and perfect functionality.

 Lamy Safari pens in Canada

Some of the best Lamy Safari pens in Canada will definitely not come at a low-priced but you can rest certain that very soon its value will almost certainly double. The genuine Lamy Safari pens that you buy will come with a warranty and you can have it replaced just in case you do find a problem with the piece.

So if you are on the lookout for a Lamy Safari pens there are plenty of online stores nowadays thanks to the Internet. Some online stores will have a multiplicity of Lamy Safari pens in Canada besides the other top brands excluding David Oscarson. If you are looking to gift a lamy pens Toronto to a dear one you may consider choosing one which is overstated with gold or platinum with diamonds or valuable stones inset. Whatever your budget you are sure to find a appropriate fountain pen to give away as a great gift which will be forever well-liked.  It was designed by Wolfgang Fabian and the Mannheim Development Group under the way of Prof. Bernt Spiegel. Lamy has kept the Safari in usual production since then.  

For a Canada search of Lamy safari pens sellers are:

  • Design points of the Safari fountain pen:
  • Made from ABS plastic
  • Black chromium-plated steel nib
  • Spring loaded pocket clip (usually silver in colour)
  • Triangular grip
  • View window for ink cartridge

The Lamy Safari pens variety was first released in the 1980's and is still a firm preferred today!  Lamy Safari pens introduce new colours every year but the generally design stays the same, why mess with perfection?  


All instruments from Lamy for learning to write have grips with age-appropriate ergonomics.

Writing with a fountain pen promotes the capacity for coordination and concentration

Lamy pens are produced in Germany on the company site in Heidelberg, in accordance with the highest quality standards Lamy Fountain pen has exceptional design and maximum writing comfort.

Lamy is known for Quality and begins right from production of the materials and individual parts Designer fountain pens from Lamy stand out for their clear design language, excellent workmanship “made in Germany” and high level of comfort. ...

The timelessly modern form of fountain pens from Lamy makes them stylish companions for any occasion.

The Lamy Joy calligraphy is ideal for the perfect expression of personality and individuality. Lamy CP1 is a Sleek cylindric writing instrument with spring-loaded strip-steel clip. Lamy Safari is practical, durable, priced for everyday use Over 30 years since the Safari was launched, it still looks as funky, fresh and fun as the day it was designed

This Lamy fountain pen includes a steel nib.

LAMY safari is a timelessly modern pen for the young and the young at heart – and is in a class of its own.

LAMY safari is one of the most popular writing instruments worldwide.


The fountain pen comes pen with an ink cartridge

Writing with a fountain pen requires care so Children have more time to memorise the script motions of the individual letters.

Lamy has developed special left-handed nibs for Left Handers, with a tapered tip.

Even left-handers can therefore benefit from the advantages of fountain pens for learning to write.