Pen Refills and Accessories

Pen Refills and accessories are available at our online store and at our location in Brampton, Ontario. Various Inks for Pens, Pen converters, Rollerball Refills and Ink Bottles available. If you are looking where to buy pen refills including Mechanical Pencil Leads, Pen nibs, you have come to the right place.  Ink Converter allows the fountain pen to use bottled ink, rather than ink cartridges. Some cartridge style fountain pens are proprietary and only allow for their brand of ink cartridge to be used. Bottled inks come in a wider range of available inks and colour selections than the cartridge inks.

A fountain pen converter (or INK converter) is simply something that holds ink inside of a pen. It takes the place of an ink cartridge, but it allows you to fill your pen from a bottle of ink.