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Esterbrook Estie Scarlet Oversize Fountain Pen


Esterbrook Estie Scarlet is a romantic mixture of blues and reds, making for an intriguing blend of subtlety and romanticism. 

The Estie Scarlet features:
  • An oversize Gold trim (much larger than the regular/standard)
  • Nib size/point size available in extra fine, fine, medium and broad – Specially manufactured in Germany by Jowo 
  • Cushion cap closure providing a secondary seal to ensure a wet point
  • Ink filled by a cartridge of ink or converter (which acts like a syringe to draw ink from a bottle) 
  • Sleek palladium clip providing a clean accent for the cap and slides easily to one’s pocket 
  • Available in Gold or Chrome Trim 
  • Available in both Standard and Oversized models.
  • Packaged in a Gift Box