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Hobonichi Pencil Board - A6 - Keiko Shibata (Upwind Alpacas)

Hobonichi Pencil Board for A6 Size - Keiko Shibata (Upwind Alpacas) Keeping it underneath the page you’re writing on allows the reinforcement to provide an enjoyable writing experience. They fit perfectly to the size of the techo book, and will prevent your pen from sliding on the page, and not leave indentations on the opposite page, making for a comfortable writing experience.

A6 Original size, the colored illustration depicting an image of upwind alpacas printed on it. The Keiko Shibata series of Pencil boards has three different images for each of the sizes.  The images cannot be interchanged.  Each one is sold separately.

Dimensions: 15.5cm x 10.3cm x 0.1cm