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Hobonichi Techo Weeks 2024 - Tomomi ©︎ Nishikawa: Hanabi Set (Hardcover)

This Weeks book is crafted with the artwork of graphic designer Tomomi ©︎ Nishikawa. Tomomi's compositions feature dynamic shapes that provide cheerful visuals.

The design of the book is based on the poster "Hanabi Set," derived from the phrase "fireworks set" in Japan - multiple motifs, including flowers, a trash can, a UFO, and a mole, are combined for a dynamic composition. The artwork radiates through the cover, providing an experience akin to visiting an art museum.

On the upper right corner of the front cover is foil-pressed 2024, while Tomomi's autograph is placed under the dove on the back cover. The cover is slim and hard, allowing flexibility if bent.

Actual Dimensions 188mm x 94mm x 9 mm