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Kaweco AL SPORT Connect Silver Digital Disk Stylus

A connection between tradition and modernity: The Al Sport Connect Disc is the perfect tool for digital writing in our well-known sport shape made of high-quality aluminium.

If you don't want to do without the feel of the Kaweco fountain pen, you can equip yourself with the digital disc stylus that looks like an AL Sport fountain pen. The writing instrument is particularly suitable for use with millimeter precision on all smartphones and tablets with a touch function. Images can be edited, navigated through apps or worked on the tablet with significantly higher precision - the AL Sport Connect Disc Silver makes this your easiest task. The transparent and flexibly moveable disc at the end of the insert allows you to see exactly where the Kaweco stylus starts to write. In addition, the disc conveys a special stability that makes straight lines the easiest exercise.

Tired of digital writing, painting and drawing? Then remove the Connect insert again and screw in the fountain pen insert. Ink in and off you go - traditionally on paper.

Note: The inserts from Kaweco are compatible with all end devices with a touch function and can be used independently of the software.



Color: Silver
Writing System: Digital Writing
Material: Aluminum
Length Open: 13 cm
Length Closed: 10.5 cm