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Platinum 3776 Century Kaga Hira Urushi Maki-e Sansui Fountain Pen


The 3776 Century is a perfect choice for anyone looking to experience the world of premium Japanese fountain pens. It combines a classic "cigar" silhouette with a wide selection of stunning body colors and exquisite 14k gold nibs.  Since its introduction in 1978, the 3776 has been continuously improved with new features like the "Slip and Seal" cap mechanism that can keep the nib from drying out for over a year without use.

This pen showcases a traditional urushi maki-e finish. Developed in Japan centuries ago, this technique utilizes lacquer and metallic pigments to produce captivating designs and artistry.

Nib: 14k 

Weight: 18.8g

Material: Black Resin with Urushi Lacquer coating

Size: 145.0mm

One cartridge ink (Blue black) included

Converter 500 included

Presented in a wooden box.