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Rosa Gallery Modern Watercolours Set


ROSA Gallery Fine Art Watercolour Paints are made of organic gumarabic and premium finely ground organic and inorganic pigments.

This peculiar feature is the development of ROSA Paints in collaboration with professional artists. At early stage key features of paints such as сolour palette, transparency and intensity of each colour, paint consistency and easy brushing are defined.

The stylish metal case will reliably fix paints; they will not fall out even when turned over. It has a finger lock, thanks to which the case is easy to hold in your hand. Then several laboratory samples of paint are subject to the expert assessment and testing. Consequently, taking artists' remarks and preferences into consideration, we refine the colour to start its mass production. ROSA Gallery Fine Art Watercolour Paints are designed and produced in Ukraine. High-quality materials, professional approach and modern specialized equipment ensure ultimate quality of products.

Key properties:
• Organic and inorganic pigments
• Organic gumarabic
• High lightfastess
• High pigment concentration
• Clear and vibrant colours
• Easy dilution and brushing properties

 The set includes 21 colors:
701 - Zinc White, 702 - Cadmium Lemon, 731 - Cadmium Yellow Light, 732 - Cadmium Yellow Deep, 734 - Flame Red, 740 - Bright Red, 709 - Magenta Rose, 710 - Violet, 713 - Olive Green, 739 - Bright Green, 711 - Green, 741 - Cobalt Turquoise, 714 - Turquoise, 715 - Ultramarine, 738 - Blue Indanthrene , 717 - Indigo, 719 - Yellow Ohre, 722 - Umber, 735 - Quinacridone Gold, 733 - Burnt Sienna, 724 - Neutral Black.