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Rosa Gallery Oil colours set "Plein Air 2“ (6х45ml)

Plein air is an important part of every artist's creative work, and for many artists, this kind of painting is the main one. Working in the open is an air freshness of work and the transmission of live impressions of nature, which requires the preparation and careful selection of art materials.
The set of ROSA Gallery Artists' Oil Colours Plein Air 2 was created by taking into account the peculiarities of this type of painting. Six basic colours in the hands of an experienced artist create a full range of new shades and save space in the easel box.

• High pigment concentration provides pure and bright colours
• High quality pigments provide amazing colour shades when colours are mixed
• Rich consistency holds the dynamics of a stroke and is perfect for both impasto and classic painting.

The set includes paints with a volume of 45 ml, which is the optimum amount of basic colour for use in plein air. The natural wooden case is needed for the artist to store the art supplies. The cover of the box can serve as a mini-palette if necessary (we recommend to pre-oil before use), and a piece of natural linen fabric will be needed to care for the brushes.
The Plein Air 2 set is a great gift for the artist or the start of the formation of own palette of ROSA Gallery Oil Colours.

Paints in the set:
Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow Light, Cadmium Red Light, Ultramarine, Gold Ochre, Burnt Siena

Key properties:
• Pure and bright colours
• High pigment concentration
• High quality pigments
• Creamy texture provides smooth and easy brushing
• Set in wooden cases