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Rosa Studio Gouache Paint Set Classic (Set of 12 Colours)

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ROSA Studio gouache paint is made from high-quality pigments and a natural plant base.

Finely ground pigments allow you to dilute gouache with water almost to the state of watercolours, thanks to which the artist can successfully implement their ideas and go beyond the technique of gouache painting. The high covering power of paint makes it possible to completely cover the previous layers of the picture and make adjustments to the work. The light colours of ROSA Studio gouache paint are made on the basis of gum arabic, which makes them bright and clear.

Rosa Gallery Gouache Paint Studio Set, Classic (Set of 12 Colours): 12 colours of 20 ml each with a new special scale of colours, different from the existing 12x20 ml set. The set includes a new basic colour of ROSA Studio gouache paint - Magenta, which significantly expands the possibilities for mixtures. The colours of the set are ideally mixed with each other, forming a wide range of colours and shades.

Important: from now on, sets of ROSA Studio gouache paint have a new type of a box with a case and even a new design, easy to open, less damaged during usage and storage. 

Key properties:
• High pigment concentration
• Excellent covering power
• Smooth creamy consistency
• Colours retain their brilliance even after drying

Made in Ukraine.