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Sailor HOCORO Dipton Sheen Mini Ink & Dip Pen Set - Ripe Fig

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This limited-edition ink & dip pen set from Sailor HOCORO offers a magical way to create drawings and calligraphy. Sailor HOCORO's Dipton Sheen Mini Ink & Dip Pen Set - Ripe Fig includes a 10ml bottle of vibrant sheen ink and a special glitter-bodied Hocoro dip pen with Fude nib. Designed for use with the Dipton collection, the Fude nib offers smooth writing and the ability to explore the range of colors of Ripe Fig ink. Delighting writers, the ink's name is derived from its "dipping" action and "ton" sound, along with its phenomenal sheen that adds beautiful luminance in different light. Self-hardening and best used with a dip pen, Sailor Dipton Ripe Fig is a must-have for any writing fan.

  • dye ink
  • Nib: Stainless steel, Fude
  • 10ml of Sheen ink.