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Wearingeul The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Spell Book Set (4 Inks and 4 Glitter Potions)

WEARINGEUL honors a wide range of authors and their works through their innovative fountain pen inks.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Spell book is a unique compilation of  ink sets that the wizard can utilize to either help or sabotage Dorothy and her three friends with glitter potions.

In the original novel, written by L. Frank Baum the main characters are looking for something that they want. Dorothy is looking for silver slippers in order to go back home. TinMan is searching for 'Heart', Scarecrow is searching for 'Brain' and Lion is wants to be 'Brave'. 

This set includes 4 - 30ml ink bottles dedicated to each of the characters as well as 4 -10ml glitter ink bottles that can be mixed into the characters' inks as desired. Just a drop and one can work as a 'Wonderful Wizard of Oz'.

Made in Korea.

Due to the amount of particulate in this ink used to achieve the sparking look, you may experience restricted ink flow in some of your pens. We recommend shaking the ink thoroughly before filling and gently rolling the pen in your hands often to keep the shimmer effect consistent. This will also help prevent clogging. You will also want to be diligent about cleaning and maintaining your pen when using this ink.