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Kaweco Liliput Brass (ECO) Wave


One of the oldest Kaweco series is the Liliput. As early as 1908, people were fascinated by the simple design of these writing implements, which were then made of hard rubber. The Kaweco LILIPUT still consists of three housing parts: cap, barrel and handle.

The reduced and clear design of the series is available in high-quality metals. The Liliput made of brass or copper develop a natural and individual patina over time. In addition to brass and copper, the series is also available in aluminum, stainless steel and blued stainless steel.

With 9.7 cm when closed and only 8.7 cm when open, the Liliput is one of the smallest fountain pens in the world. If you screw on the cap at the back, however, at 12.5 cm it is a comfortable size for long writing.