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Homo Sapiens Steel Age Midi Fountain Pen Medium 23kt

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The Visconti Homo Sapiens dark age fountain pen ~ Visconti shook the fountain pen field with a breakthrough both in terms of design and materials when the original Homo Sapiens Bronze was launched. Carved from pure basaltic lava and enriched with resin materials, the pen enveloped the strength of ancient powers, juxtaposing its volcanic nature to a soft and smooth writing experience thanks to its Dreamtouch 23Kt Palladium nib. This award-winning writing tool was followed by the Homo Sapiens Steel Age which in turn issued steel trims and the Homo Sapiens Dark Age with super resistant ruthenium PVD treatment.
The Homo Sapiens Collection is the perfect offspring of Middle Age’s ancient mysteries with Man’s creativity and progress.

Explosive volcanic eruptions and the obsidian formed from the cooling lava prompted early humans to challenge nature, trying to forge tools to hunt and protect themselves for their own survival.
With the same creative momentum, Visconti gave modern humans a writing instrument crafted from the same primitive volcanic rock. Hence, a great ancient tool that enabled humans to write their history was turned into a real iconic piece with a perfectly balanced design. A combination of basaltic lava from Mount Etna, catalyzed with nylon resin according to a secret process, generates an unbreakable, hygroscopic, velvet-like compound, achieving a revolutionary result for the world of writing instruments.


  • 23 KT Palladium Dreamtouch 
  • Piston filler, which can only be filled from a bottle of ink.